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We combine AWS expertise with a full-scale service approach, offering a detailed evaluation of your AWS cloud needs, expert implementation of AWS-specific solutions, and ongoing support to ensure optimal performance.

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Implementation and Support Services

AWS Cloud Migration
We specialize in migrating your application and data to the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud environment. In the process, we ensure data security, minimize system downtime, and simplify the complexities of integrating various systems into the AWS environment.
This service includes:
  • A customized AWS Migration Strategy
  • Phased AWS Migration Approach
  • Hands-On AWS Migration Experience
  • A post-Migration AWS Optimization and Modernization
Kubernetes Migration & Containers
Our Kubernetes migration and containerization services for AWS ensure a secure migration to a tailored Kubernetes environment and faster deployment of containerized applications. We equip your teams with the necessary tools for ongoing management and optimization.
This service includes:
  • Pilot Application Containerization
  • Integrated CI/CD Tooling and Process Guides
  • Secure, Multi-Team EKS Cluster Setup
  • End-to-End Migration and Operation Support
LogiCloud's DevOps and CI/CD service in an AWS environment focuses on enhancing the speed, reliability, and security of software development and deployment for clients. It streamlines the process of updating and managing software systems, especially on AWS.
This service includes:
  • Faster and more reliable software updates, reducing time to market
  • Efficient scaling and management of software systems
  • Integration of security into the development process
  • Encouraging effective teamwork and accountability
  • Automated environment setup and management
  • Continuous performance monitoring and security checks
  • Customized CI/CD pipeline development tailored to specific needs
Serverless Migration & Modernization
Our team of AWS experts can migrate your operations to a serverless system on AWS, ensuring your cloud infrastructure is flexible, secure, and cost-effective. When transitioning your application to work in a serverless environment, we take careful planning and execution to minimize any impact on your daily operations.
This service includes:
  • Custom Serverless Architecture Design
  • Complete Migration and Optimization
  • Security and Compliance
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Continuous Support
Cloud Cost Optimization
We'll evaluate your current cloud setup, optimize your architecture, and manage your costs effectively, aiming to cut your cloud costs by 25-45% in 6-12 months. You'll benefit from detailed usage analyses and tailored cost-saving strategies.
Security Assessment
We offer risk assessments, architecture reviews, access and vulnerability management, network and data protection, and training to strengthen your cloud against cyber threats.
We're dedicated to enhancing your cloud infrastructure using the AWS Well-Architected Framework's comprehensive six-pillar approach. Get significant improvements in your cloud operations while adhering to the highest standards of cloud excellence and sustainability.
Containers Managed Services
Our team provides complete services for managing containerized applications, focusing on deployment, integration, resource management, security, and scalability. We offer AWS-certified expertise, customized solutions, 24/7 global support, and commercial options.
Managed Cloud services
We expertly manage your AWS cloud infrastructure through seamless data migration, efficient resource configuration, and tailored solutions designed around the AWS Well-Architected Framework. We help reduce IT costs, fortify security, and ensure your business scales efficiently and effectively.
Professional Services
We specialize in helping your business transition to and optimize cloud technology, leveraging our expertise in AWS. Our services range from evaluating and modernizing your cloud practices to providing advanced solutions in areas like AI and IoT.

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