How GoHunt Experienced Improved Application Deployment with a 40% Decrease in Build Time

GOHUNT is an online application that makes it easy for users to discover and plan hunts across the United States. They turned to LogiCloud because of frequent downtimes and needed security improvements.

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GoHunt's Challenge

GoHunt’s Jenkins setup was markedly inadequate in terms of scalability and reliability. The infrastructure struggled to dynamically scale with fluctuating workloads, leading to frequent system downtimes—at least once a month—primarily due to disk usage overruns and scalability constraints. This inability to scale effectively also resulted in notably slow deployment times, severely hampering the efficiency and productivity of their development operations. 

Additionally, a basic authentication framework exposed GoHunt’s application to potential security threats and complicated the management of access controls. These issues compromised the security and operational efficiency of the Jenkins ecosystem

LogiCloud's Solution

Enhancing Security and Efficiency with a Secure, Serverless, and Scalable Solution

LogiCloud successfully updated GoHunt’s Jenkins system to function without a constant, dedicated server through enhanced security, reliability, and deployment processes. LogiCloud constructed the new setup, transitioned all existing Jenkins deployments to this innovative framework, and ensured its ongoing management. 
LogiCloud enhanced the authentication framework within Jenkins, aimed at eliminating potential security threats. They meticulously worked to ensure that only verified users with a Google Workspace associated with the organization’s domain had access. This fortified the system against unauthorized entry and bolstering its security posture.
LogiCloud implemented a method to distribute incoming internet traffic evenly across the system. They also introduced a robust mechanism to preserve essential Jenkins configurations, thereby enhancing the overall reliability and security of the deployment process. Through these comprehensive measures, LogiCloud ensured that the Jenkins deployments could be managed and updated effortlessly, minimizing downtime and maintaining optimal service levels.


Improved Security and Deployment

GoHunt experienced significant improvements in their operational efficiency and security. By configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) with their Google Workspace, LogiCloud enhanced GoHunt's security framework, ensuring that every member of the Google Workspace could gain secure access to the system. This strategic integration streamlined the authentication process, providing a seamless and secure user experience for the entire team. 

Moreover, GoHunt saw a remarkable decrease in their build times by 40%, significantly boosting productivity and enabling faster delivery of software updates and features. These changes not only provided more reliability but also improved their overall deployment efficiency, marking a substantial step forward in GoHunt's operational capabilities.

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