Gather achieves 99.99% Uptime for Enhanced Reliability with LogiCloud Migration

Gather offers customizable virtual spaces for teams that work remotely. Their goal is to promote stronger remote relationships by increasing digital interactions. When Gather approached LogiCloud, their application was initially supported by the AWS EC2 instances, which they soon outgrew. LogiCloud’s AWS solutions were exactly what Gather needed to migrate their application to a more scalable infrastructure.

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From an Improved AWS Infrastructure


Decrease in Costs

With an Efficient AWS Environment

Gather’s Infrastructure Challenge

Tackling EC2's Scalability and Management Hurdles

As their business grew, Gather faced significant challenges with their EC2 instances:

Their environment utilized resources inefficiently and was not cost-effective
They were unable to rapidly adapt and scale in response to changing demands
They couldn’t ensure consistency across development, testing, and production
Managing EC2 instances was often complex and lacked certain automation
Gather had to continuously manage and maintain underlying servers
The cost structure of running EC2 instances was no longer economical
You’re ready to migrate to AWS.
You’ve outgrown your current infrastructure.
You want to upgrade your current AWS cloud system.
Your infrastructure costs are too high.
Your platform is vulnerable and needs stronger security.
Your system lacks automation.
You’re bogged down with inconsistent environments.
You need ongoing AWS cloud support.

LogiCloud's Solution

Assessment and Migration Plan

LogiCloud started with a thorough assessment of Gather's existing EC2-based setup. They identified bottlenecks and scalability limitations.
Then, they proposed a migration to Amazon ECS, a service that supports Docker containers and allows for easy application scaling and management. 
AWS Fargate was chosen for its serverless capabilities, meaning Gather wouldn't need to manage the underlying servers.

Migration Execution

LogiCloud containerized Gather's application components using Docker. This made the applications portable and easy to deploy.
They established ECS clusters, services, and task definitions, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal performance.
By utilizing AWS Fargate, they enabled serverless execution of containers, removing the need for to maintain underlying physical servers or virtual machines.

Deployment and Optimization

Rigorous testing was conducted to ensure that the containerized applications functioned correctly and performed well on the new platform.
The migration was executed in phases to minimize disruption to ongoing operations. LogiCloud also optimized the ECS configurations for better performance and resource utilization and implemented robust monitoring and automated scaling solutions using AWS services.


Providing a More Consistent and Efficient Customer Experience

With Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate, Gather’s application is more reliable, with an uptime of 99.99% availability. LogiCloud’s migration set Gather up to experience more efficient resource utilization, rapid scalability in response to demand, and consistent deployment across all stages of development. The switch led to a 50% decrease in cost because of a simplified management process with enhanced automation and reduced need for direct server management.

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