How Memberstack Reduced Costs by 30% with a More Reliable and Efficient Infrastructure

Memberstack manages Authentication and Payments for over 5.5 million people & 2400+ companies. They are a SaaS product that helps Webflow developers add secure user accounts and payments, enabling businesses to launch custom software faster, reduce complexity, and save money without compromising on design or functionality.

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LogiCloud has been nothing short of exceptional. Their team's expertise in handling AWS-related projects is truly great. Not only did they deliver all the projects we contracted them for right on schedule, but the quality of their work exceeded our expectations. Their communication throughout the process was transparent and timely, making it an absolute pleasure to work with them. Based on our stellar experience, we are committed to partnering with LogiCloud for all our future AWS endeavors. Highly recommended!” 

- Tyler Bell, Chief Technology Officer - Memberstack



From an Improved AWS Infrastructure


Decrease in Costs

With an Efficient AWS Environment

Memberstack’s Needs

Memberstack originally configured their environment and account structure for initial AWS requirements, but they eventually outgrew them. Memberstack was gearing up for a SOC 2 audit, which required tighter controls around their AWS account such as dedicated AWS accounts for each environment, a better AWS authentication strategy as well as no public access to their database.

LogiCloud's Solution

Streamlining Memberstack’s AWS Infrastructure with Improved Security

LogiCloud’s solution was built using Terraform, assisting Memberstack in the following ways:
  1. Moved all resources that were currently managed in the main account to separate accounts for staging and production.
  2. Implemented a multi-AZ configuration of the staging and production RDS clusters as well as made both clusters private.
  3. Implement a secure solution for logging in to AWS using SSO.


A More Efficient and Secure Application

Utilizing Terraform, Memberstack's application now boasts enhanced stability, with a record uptime of 99.99%. LogiCloud's overhaul led to a 30% savings in operational costs, attributed to streamlined management practices, heightened automation, and a reduced requirement for manual server oversight. Moreover, the integration of a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution by LogiCloud bolstered security measures without compromising accessibility.

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